Backtracking My Journey – Pt.2

Backtracking my Journey – Pt.2

The basic principle I based my decision on, is a thought that kind of struck me and that is, why would I want to engage in a path, now when I am old, which I did not believe my whole…

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Backtracking My Journey – Pt.1

Backtracking my Journey – Pt.1

May this writing, which I put together some time back, be a blessing and inspiration. I for myself am happy to get to know Jesus in a much more personal way, and to learn to follow him, explicitly. I wanted…

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Rectifying False Beliefs

Rectifying false Beliefs

In light of seeing the deceptions on Christians unfolding, the colossal false teachings reaching as close as home as it can be, I feel indebted to bring to light a perhaps not acknowledged aspect. Even some brethren that I grew…

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Why This Site?

Why this Site?

All the things going around we have to come to the conclusion that our life’s are intruded in such a way, that we are given food, which we should seriously consider not to swallow. Each person and culture has developed…

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