Do We Really Want To Know Truth?

Do we Really want to know Truth?

This is a subject long time on my mind. To be able to tackle this problem, we first have to pray that our Heavenly Father, will know the desire and the intent of our hearts; to teach us His ways…

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Truth Designed To Protect Us

Truth Designed to Protect Us

It is the belief of all who rely on the truth of the Bible, that the Savior gave his life to redeem men from the curse of the law. I am talking about salvation, just taking it from another angle.…

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Walking With Christ

Walking with Christ

It might be all different, than what we heard, learned and processed being a follower of Jesus. To start, we should find answers for the fact, how and why a man who selflessly only was concerned about the needs of…

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The Deeper Insight Of Prayer And Fasting

The Deeper Insight of Prayer and Fasting

I got reminded of something I frequently did when I was young, and that was fasting. It seems to be a subject that does seem to be puzzling and perhaps the underlying truth of fasting might be misinterpreted and misleading,…

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Choices Which Influence Our Life

Choices which influence our Life

We are on a daily basis confronted with an array of atrocities that take place in any given part of the world. I don’t feel expounding on verifying this claim, as it is blatantly made available for all to see…

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Is Truth Exchangeable?

Is Truth exchangeable?

Thoughts and impressions on the newly acclaimed movie “The Shack” and other distressing occurrences which are disguised as being something, they are actually not. If not heeded with careful evaluation, it’s implications will be disastrous. We have to start wake…

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Deception In The Church

Deception in the Church

This following write-up is from Ken Brown a friend and brother in Christ. Please see article titled:”Deception in the Church” In 1997 I began to cry out to God and ask Him to reveal Himself to me. I had…

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Morality Vs. Conscience

Morality vs. Conscience

In today’s world we seem to put a lot of emphasis on having good morals, which in itself is not bad, but there are question that seem to always catch my attention. How do I make decisions about right and…

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Religiosity Or Spirituality

Religiosity or Spirituality

Main body of text from the book "New Wine in New Wineskins" - Zac Poonen One of the greatest dangers that faces the Christian in his pursuit of a holy life is that of ending up being religious and not…

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The Key To Understand The True Essence Of SIN

The Key to Understand the True Essence of SIN

In case you have read the “Backtracking my Journey” series you might remember that I talked about having to start from scratch. I had to quash all I learned, invalidate everything I thought I knew, as I realized, everything I…

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Is There HOPE For ALL?

Is there HOPE for ALL?

We trust in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe. 1. Tim 4:9-10 The above scripture identities two classes of men to be saved: 1) non-believers, and 2) believers, who will be…

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The Rat Race Of The Religious System

The Rat Race of the Religious System

by Joseph Herrin "Christianity started out in Palestine as a fellowship; it moved to Greece and became a philosophy; it moved to Italy and became an institution; it moved to Europe and became a culture; it came to America and…

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The Right To My Own Opinion

The Right to My Own Opinion

“Everyone has the right to his own opinion.” We hear this line used over and over, but do we every consider this statements validity? Just the other day I have seen a post with a picture of Abraham Lincoln with…

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