Backtracking My Journey – Pt.6

Backtracking my Journey – Pt.6

God’s truth will overthrow all of our established systems and methods. It meant in my case the abolition of certain manifestations which for years I have been needlessly associated with the exercise of faith. It meant that, having arrived at…

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Backtracking My Journey – Pt.5

Backtracking my Journey – Pt.5

In our blindness of heart and mind, we have taken faith out of the realm of the spiritual and, without realizing just what we were doing, have put it in the realm of the metaphysical. In other words we have…

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Backtracking My Journey – Pt.4

Backtracking my Journey – Pt.4

A journey started. I pray that the Holy Spirit that Jesus send as a comforter will reach the heart of yours and en-kindle the flame of hope, the flame of His love, the flame of the beauty of surrendering to…

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Backtracking My Journey – Pt.3

Backtracking my Journey – Pt.3

I, in the beginning justified my reasoning’s in my own wisdom and understanding, which by the way turned out being nothing but hot air. The fundamental question that comes to mind, is, can whatever I might believe really be justified…

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Backtracking My Journey – Pt.2

Backtracking my Journey – Pt.2

The basic principle I based my decision on, is a thought that kind of struck me and that is, why would I want to engage in a path, now when I am old, which I did not believe my whole…

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Backtracking My Journey – Pt.1

Backtracking my Journey – Pt.1

May this writing, which I put together some time back, be a blessing and inspiration. I for myself am happy to get to know Jesus in a much more personal way, and to learn to follow him, explicitly. I wanted…

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Rectifying False Beliefs

Rectifying false Beliefs

In light of seeing the deceptions on Christians unfolding, the colossal false teachings reaching as close as home as it can be, I feel indebted to bring to light a perhaps not acknowledged aspect. Even some brethren that I grew…

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