The solar system that is home to our Earth is one of the best places to observe the universe’s precise order and harmony. The unequaled order that controls all planets, large or small, within the solar system has been responsible for its stability.

In our solar system, there are eight planets, and orbiting them are the 49 satellites discovered so far. Beginning with the nearest to the Sun, these planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Out of all these planets and their satellites, Earth is the only one with a surface and atmosphere suitable for life.

The balance between the Sun’s gravity and any planet’s centrifugal force prevents it from being flung out into space. The Sun’s massive gravitational force attracts the planets, which can only withstand this force and not fall into the Sun’s nuclear furnace because of the centrifugal forces their motion creates. If the planets’ speed were a little slower in their orbits, however, they would be rapidly pulled towards the Sun, which would swallow them up.

The latest discoveries in astronomy reveal that the existence of other planets in our solar system is vital for the Earth’s safety and orbit. The system’s largest planet, Jupiter, is a good example. With its exact location within our solar system, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the Earth’s balance. Recent astrophysical calculations reveal that Jupiter’s present orbit is partly responsible for the consistency of the other planets’ orbits within the solar system. Another reason why Jupiter is so important for us is that if it did it not exist, there would be no life on Earth, due to the high number of meteorite impacts our planet would be exposed to. The magnetic field created by Jupiter’s huge mass bends the trajectory of comets and meteorites entering the solar system and prevents them from targeting the Earth. Jupiter acts as a protective gravitational shield for the Earth.

The earth is our home. We were made from it and we are sustained by it. We are deeply moved by its mysterious beauty and sadly, we are destroying it. Why are we destroying the earth?

There are laws that are known instinctively by every human being. However, we can lose touch with these laws if we ignore them long enough. If we go against the conscience within us, then we become alienated from the way we were meant to be. This disorder within us can be reasoned away and justified within our own minds, but it still expresses itself through the fruit of our lives in one way or another.

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