The Tree

The most sophisticated production facility that provides life.

Look out your window at a tree, and meditate on its majesty. What a thing of symmetry and loveliness it is! There is beauty in its twisted branches. There is loveliness in its trembling leaves. Every leaf is a little factory in itself, carrying chlorophyll in its tiny veins, converting the sun’s energy into nutrition. No factory can compare with the producing capacity of a leaf. Yet there is much more to a tree. Beneath the ground there is a great system of hidden roots. They are buried, unseen, yet without them, the tree would die. The tree obtains water and minerals through its vast roots system. The roots may seem ugly and hard in comparison to the beautiful greenery above the ground, yet the greenery is there to serve those roots underneath.

Now, metaphorically speaking, let’s call the visible part of the tree, “Love.” . . . . It is there because of something supporting it, something hidden away keeping it alive—the root system. The roots absorb a life-giving synthesis. This hidden but most sophisticated production process provides nourishment and life to the tree.

So we and our inner nature can be compared to this tree. Our senses, our avenues of approach to the expressions of life itself, are hidden below the surface where people cannot see them. All others can see are the lives we live and the fruit our lives produce. That’s what the tree really is, a fruit of the nourishment it receives.

The roots do not produce the life, but the life produces the roots. It is this wonderful and magnificent quality, which is a gift of the divine heart, which sustains us. The life we live will be manifested to the world around us by the fruit we bear; by the arms of love and compassion that we stretch out; by the forces of grace and beauty which God manifests day by day in the tree of our lives. How foolish it would be for that tree to struggle in an attempt to create life. All it needs to do is to function in compliance to the divine laws. Life in all forms is simply meant to manifest the life giver in the fruit it bears, and the beauty with which it endows the world.

He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.” — The Bible, (ESV) Jeremiah 17:8

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