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(The little tiny blue dot is not our earth, but our solar system consisting of the sun and its eight planets, their moons, and other non-stellar objects.)

Here is evidence for what can only be described as a supernatural event. There is no way that this could have been predicted within the realm of physics as we know it. — Allan Sandage, Astronomer

The location of our solar system in the Milky Way is the product of awe-inspiring order and flawless design. Its trajectory is far from the centre of the galaxy, and outside its spiraling arms.

Stars and planets in a spiral galaxy like the Milky Way are structured around the bloated core. The spiraling arms move away from the centre of the galaxy at a consistent angle and plane. The spaces between these arms contain only a minimal number of solar systems, and our own solar system is one of these rare examples. Is it somehow relevant that our solar system is located between the spiral arms of the galaxy?

Firstly, it means that we are far removed from the gases and other debris contained in the spiraling arms, giving us a clean, clear view of the universe from where we are. Had our solar system been located inside these spiral arms, our view would have been considerably obscured.

What is so striking is that the cosmos appears to be not just supremely fit for our own being and for our biological adaptations, but also for our understanding. Because of the position of our solar system on the edge of the galactic rim, we can gaze farther into the night to distant galaxies and gain knowledge of the overall structure of the universe. Were we positioned in the centre of a galaxy, we would never look on the beauty of a spiral galaxy, nor would we have any idea of the structure of our universe.

Because of the placement of our solar system in this special position, life—especially human life—can be sustained on Earth. This is the reason we can investigate the universe we live in and observe the unequaled, supreme, spectacular artistry in God’s creation.

The location of our solar system, just like the laws of physics governing the universe, is proof that it was designed for human existence.

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