In light of seeing the deceptions on Christians unfolding, the colossal false teachings reaching as close as home as it can be, I feel indebted to bring to light a perhaps not acknowledged aspect. Even some brethren that I grew up with, are sadly entangled in those things. I feel it is important to address this Issue, so no-one has an excuse not knowing and can make the decision on sound doctrine, to evaluate or reevaluate were something might have gone wrong and been tricked into believing something that is not based on truth, but rather on a perception the person has on truth. We would need to come to a point in our life’s, were we are vulnerable enough and make a distinction with a discerning heart, and testing all things according to His truth.

I might be wrong on that, but I do believe that a lot of this is happening out of utter ignorance, based on a belief teaching that was unquestionably absorbed for decades, without ever examination its validity. Because, I learned the previous years, and got to know a hidden truth, that shed a new light on the matter, which explains why those unexamined belief attitudes, customs, and traditions are still enforcing this pattern of thinking when dealing with truth.

I mentioned “got to know a hidden truth” and like to explain, as not to give room for misinterpretations. That it not something secret, mysterious or covertly intended, but is based on Jeremiah 29:13 and John 8:32 which reads: You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. “You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free”.

What I want to urge us to do is, to just humbly study and be open and leave aside any views and beliefs for once, and simply trust Jesus and take him at His word and see Him, if necessary, transforming our life because of that timid act of “open mindedness to the truth”. That’s what I did, I do not regret it, and can truly say that I would not exchange it for anything. Because I am learning that in my utter unintended ignorance i had become a master in knowing much about God, but not knowing him at all. I believe Jesus wants us to all to draw all strength, all life, all wisdom from His endless resource that he has at his disposal, and to live a relationship, in which God has given us the ability to understand how to correctly relate to God according to His will and purpose.

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