In our blindness of heart and mind, we have taken faith out of the realm of the spiritual and, without realizing just what we were doing, have put it in the realm of the metaphysical. In other words we have taken something that is governed by our heart through the Holy Spirit, to the unfruitful secular realm of knowledge and understanding and intellect. An army of emotions and desires has driven Faith from the chambers of the heart into the cold and unfruitful corridors of the mind.

Why are there so many sick, in spite of the fact that for them the so-called prayer of faith has been offered? Why are churches filled with the lame and the halt, the deaf and the blind, who sit listening to sermons on divine healing that are true to the Word, and true to the promises of our Lord, and yet are not healed. Why are there people who dragged their tired, sick bodies back into their homes—just as needy as they were before they came into the services. We must face facts. We cannot dismiss the evident discrepancy between our religious standing and experience with a shrug of the shoulders, and refuse to ask for light and guidance on this all-important problem.

Only the truth can make us free from the bondage of fears and doubts, and the discouragement that ultimately comes at the end of the road of disappointments. The only way to get to this truth is through being a broken vessel, seeing the utter foul-smelling self, and yield our lives into His capable hands. Our Lord said that He Himself was the Truth, and as we open the door of our heart to Him we make possible the sweet revelations that only His presence can bring. In other words we have to die to self, so the seed that is planted can grow and be His doing.

The Holy Spirit is giving Light on a subject, when we surrender our will, so that the things which have been viewed through a glass darkly in the years are past. Now, though the love of “The Giver Of Every Good And Perfect Gift,’ there will come an understanding, in part at any rate, of the real and genuine meaning of that beautiful faith of which Jesus not only spoke, but imparts to men, when heart and life are surrendered to HIM. What we have to learn is the helplessness of self and the need of His presence in our life.

Remember that faith as small as a grain of a mustard seed . . . will do more than a ton of will, or a mind full of determination. Genuine faith can no more manifest itself without result, than the sun shine without light and heat. Knowing this, and believing it to be true, what is it that we have been mistakenly calling faith, because real faith never fails to bring about the result?

Our difficulty is that we have made faith a condition of our mind, when it is a divinely imparted grace of the heart. We have been wrong in our attitude and practice over and over again. When the golden sunlight of God’s great grace and truth floods our hearts and minds, and when by the power of the Holy Spirit we behold the provisions of His love; there will be an end to our struggling and striving, and these lives of ours will be wrapped around with the garments of His peace. In that happy hour, we shall come to the realization that we can receive faith only as He gives it. No longer will we foolishly attempt to struggle to believe. Instead of the storm, on the Galilee of life, there will be a sweet and a beautiful calm.

The disciples could have worked themselves up into an emotional frenzy, trying to still the anger of the tempest. But three little words from Jesus and the wind drops from a scream to a whisper, and the sea whimpers for a moment like a crying child in its mother’s arms and then settles down to sleep on the breast of nature. Three little words from Jesus and the winds and the seas obey Him! The tempest would have laughed in the face of the disciples-though they uttered a million words of commands and rebukes in the will to believe, for the tempest knew it was greater than they.

Three little words from Jesus, one touch from His hand divine, and more is accomplished in the time of a lightning flash than all our struggles and mental endeavors could work in a thousand years. We have made it difficult, when He wanted to make it so easy.

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