A journey started. I pray that the Holy Spirit that Jesus send as a comforter will reach the heart of yours and en-kindle the flame of hope, the flame of His love, the flame of the beauty of surrendering to him, and receiving the touch divine, when Jesus is touching you. I pray for you, that all the struggles, all the fears, all the uncertainties, all the questions will be unveiled in His glorious time.

We too often forget that death has lost its thorn, because HE has overcome death, so have we IF HE LIVES IN US, there is no death. There is no need to struggle and fight, it’s already accomplished. There is nothing we can do, but humbly bow before the King of Kings and let Him touch you. Don’t let circumstances dictate the outcome, HE dictates the outcome, he has overcome death and we have to align to that truth. We make faith a point in time, when it is the position of our heart to receive what he has already accomplished.

Faith works through love, and we’re meant to be rooted and grounded in love, and all of a sudden we identify ourselves with what hasn’t changed and love gets subverted. If this is so, we are just people driven with the problem using the Bible as a principle to get help instead of a relationship with love. Sometimes we just take what we are going through very personal, and we have to take what he went through very personal; so that the truth takes us through this experience. The single most important realization I am able to experience through this is, that it is not about I (me), it’s all about HIM. If HIS experience becomes my reality, my personal experience will no matter anymore.

Think about it? The main problem is that we fear things, natural knowledge eats our lunch, our experience becomes our reality. We let our circumstance define God, instead of letting God define our circumstance.  Sometimes we let time define truth instead truth define time.

Right there, that is the secret, and belief me, His sheep know that too well. The reality is that sometimes we identify through all these things we experienced and are taught all through life, and the greatest thing we can do is to identify through Christ, and if we cannot see it in the life of Jesus we don’t even want it in our thoughts. Now, I don’t want to infringe in the freedom of choice we all have, but I feel I want to share those words in the simple hope, as I said earlier, that they will en-kindle the fire, that will make all the difference.

We have to be in a position to have ears to hear, and to be careful how we hear. If we talk about faith, people get offended; you don’t tell me I don’t have faith. Jesus said to his own disciples the reason the man was not healed was because of their little faith. Thank God they did not get offended and get mad at what he said. All what Jesus was saying, you are not seeing what I am seeing, but when you do, you are doing what I am doing. Keep looking close. Instead we say don’t tell me I don’t have faith, I prayed and prayed and prayed. Praying isn’t faith, moving mountains is faith. We are speaking at a lot of mountains, but the mountains moving is faith not speaking at it.

We are shouted a lot of things because we are afraid, we are frustrated and we are in despair, and not because we have a revelation. Sometimes we pray just because we’ve been taught we should, and it’s what we do. It doesn’t mean we know Jesus that close and have a revelation. It doesn’t mean there is authority in our words. We can say all the right things when we pray like a real prayer warrior, with very articulated words, and it doesn’t have to mean anything. When we just leap out in knowledge and zeal and just pray the principles of the Bible that we read, and it’s just what I am saying and doing what helps the person. Its Gods love for the person that heals the person. It’s the finished work of Christ. It’s not our prayer that makes the difference, it’s what we believe. It’s what we believe, not what we pray. There is a lot we have to grow and learn in this, and the evidence is, to keep us real humble to grow in that thing called healing.

Jesus said don’t fear and don’t worry. And the first two things we do, is to fear and to worry and then we pray. And that should convict us, that we have somewhere to grow, because if Jesus said don’t fear and don’t worry and we’re still fearing and worrying there is something we still have not grown into, because Jesus said don’t fear and don’t worry, so it must be possible, and it must be foundational. Nothing has dominion over us, but through the blood of Christ and the mercy of God we are seated in a great place. We all need to somehow reawaken of our imaginations and reevaluate our walk with the Lord, which we have drifted away from for whatever reasons.

I don’t think it is presumptuous to assume, that we all have at one point fallen away from the righteousness and holiness of truth, and I firmly believe that if we sincerely humble ourselves to be renewed in the spirit of our mind, that in exchange He will shower us with His goodness and blessings, that the world just simply cannot comprehend. It’s not the prosperity kind of gospel, when talking about blessing. It’s the spiritual awareness and realization of knowing how lost I am as a lost sheep. This is what I am experiencing, and it’s something I feel so blessed by. My life, judging from the outside circumstances is anything but good, but realizing the effects this all has in my life, how it is changing me, how the Lord answers prayers, how he is helping me finding back to the truth, miraculously healing me, when I was thinking this is it. With the struggles of misunderstanding gone, this new life in Christ that I am experiencing, and the joy of the Lord is becoming more real every passing day.

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