May this writing, which I put together some time back, be a blessing and inspiration. I for myself am happy to get to know Jesus in a much more personal way, and to learn to follow him, explicitly.

I wanted to use this time to perhaps explain a little more about me, and the things the Lord did in the past few years. Just so you know, and only HE gets the credit for anything good within this text, some of the materials are from people inspired by the Holy Spirit, which I weave into this writing, to give it some kind of completeness. It’s all for the Glory of God!

I have been privileged by our Lord and learned many things, throughout those past 5-6 year, which I am very grateful for. Although the time and effort that I have invested in, did not pay out in financial stabilities, nevertheless I believe those spiritual investments made, are worth more than worrying about my financial burdens. This is why I want to share what I have been given, in the hope that it will be a stimulus and incentive to you.

At one point in my desperation to make ends meet, I had to make a fundamental decision. It was either to go a very secular route, in taking my life into my own hands, let the go-getter instinct dictate my life, or do take up the challenge to realign myself with something that was not in myself, but was something outside of myself to reignite, or flare up, some heritage which I gave my best part of my life to.

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