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What is the meaning of life? What is absolute Truth? Without doubt, these are the most essential, and yet the most challenging questions we should consider getting serious about. “Absolute truth” is defined as uncompromising reality: immovable, unchanging, irreversible facts. For example, it is a fixed, invariable, unalterable fact that there are absolutely no square circles and there are absolutely no round squares.

We ought not to be swayed by the authority of the writer, but by the love of simple, invariable truth. We ought not to ask who is speaking, but mark what is being said. Men pass away, but the unalterable facts God speaks to us in many ways, without regard for persons, remains forever.

To start with, we are not the central architects of the circumstances of our lives. We have simply affected those circumstances by our right or wrong decisions.

We are “accountable” for our choices and there will always be consequences for those choices both good and bad.

While we are free to make our own choices, we are not free to reject the consequences of those choices.

Let’s say you can choose between a vitamin capsule, or a lethal capsule. You are free to choose between one of them, but it is not in your power to alter the consequences of whatever choice you choose.

We think our choices we make, don’t seem significant at the time. But those choices set in motion a series of events which shape your lives. For example, we all shared how we met our mates, many of the stories would begin with seemingly insignificant decisions to attend some social event. That decision led to a relationship which forever affected our lives, not to mention our children’s lives. Sometimes people make unwise choices which aren’t earth-shattering in themselves, but they lead to tragedies: A teenager chooses to ride with a friend who has been heavily drinking, resulting in a serious accident and the loss of life. A girl decides to have a drink at a party, resulting in her letting down her guards. She ends up pregnant or with a venereal disease. Since seemingly small decisions can have such significant consequences, how can we protect ourselves from making wrong choices?

And further more, if one wrong decision alone, can lead to such tragedies’, what than with the accumulation of endless, wrong decisions we make throughout our life? This is why we are meant to align our choices to be in line with God’s principles, because the results will have eternally significant consequences. What that means is, that every person will at one point be seeing the infinitely resulting consequences. The veil—that we made ourselves believe—did not exist, is being removed from our callous heart and eyes, and we will inescapable see, the tragedies of  our accumulation of endless, wrong decisions we made ourselves believe are OK.

God will not judge us, we ourselves will be shown what we our whole life avoided for whatever reasons to see, and will realize and understand that it is too late to undo that which is done. Throughout our life God was pursuing us, convicting us, and persuading us through our conscience, to change wrongs and regret and ask for forgiveness, but at that final point his hands are bound, and he will not be able to woo us anymore. We instead will condemn ourselves, seeing the realization of our life-long willful neglect.

In light of that, any discussion of man’s free will to choose must begin with an understanding of his nature because man’s will is bound by that nature. A prisoner has the freedom to pace up and down in his cell, but he is constrained by the walls of that cell and can go no further, no matter how much his will might desire it. So it is with man.

In his natural state, man is incapable of choosing that which is good and holy. In other words, he does not have the “free will” to choose God because his will is not free. It is constrained by his nature, just as the prisoner is constrained by his cell.

Only through Gods intervention, which we would want, can uncertainty and moral corruption that is bound up in our hearts be untangled.

To seek God, find him, and be united with him is the single and sole purpose of life.

 Life is an invitation to respond to the propositions of a God who loves us and desires to share His life with us. We were meant to be in a relationship of dependence with the source of our life, so we can fully understand the warmth of a truly personal God.

The wearing away of the foundation of truth, the neglect to acknowledge and to accept divine providence has taken unprecedented forms. We are living in a generation that has a very restricted view of God now, because of the blindness imposed on us by the tremendous efforts of deceptions, that plays in every sphere of our lives.

This is the problem we face today, the battle about truth and all the accepted worldviews if you wish, that have their own truth claims. There are all those lies that bombard us all over the place, and we have embraced them so deeply that we believe they reflect what is really real, and therefore they drive what we think, how we act, and what we feel.

Wouldn’t the best option not be to “return” to a place of truth, a place of vulnerability to that truth?

Did you ever think why it might be important to actually find out this place of truth?

It is important, because whatever we make ourselves belief our whole life, is entirely irrelevant, if it does not correspond to “The Truth.”

God begs us to reconsider and reflect, to sincerely ask him to help us to learn, to change our hearts, so we can become more the way we were intended to be. He wants us to be willing to give up all trust in our own morality, respectability, and trust in nothing but Him, and continuously being open to acknowledge errors.

God provided a way out of this prison cell—to pick up from the analogy from the beginning—and that is to accept the conditions and terms he specified. Remember from the beginning, “While we are free to make our own choices, it’s not up to us to choose the consequences of those choices.”

This truth is in the person of Jesus, but please let me explain some details you might not be familiar with.

To begin with, we would have to look at the core reason of what Jesus is all about. What makes it so elusive, even after over 2000 years, that such immense efforts are taken to discredit, blaspheme, mislead, undermine, destabilize, lie, deceive and kill the core truth of it? There must be something of extraordinary value to justify that.

To find the answer to that, we just would have to go back, in finding out what exactly it was, that made them execute a person that only spoke the truth. He had done no wrong, yet they accused Him. His life screamed “Innocent!” yet the people screamed “Crucify Him!” He came to show His love for them, yet they had sentenced Him to death. He only wanted to preserve their life eternally, yet they wanted to end His life prematurely. But through it all, His mission was being fulfilled. Yes, He was accused, mocked, scorned, beaten, whipped, bruised, crucified, and blasphemed. But Christ endured this shame, and the human unthinkable happened. After being three days dead, He did rise from the grave, conquering death, and is alive today. While the devil thought he had the upper hand on God, Christ proved that glorious morning as He rolled away the stone that no grave could hold Him. This extraordinary event has implication for all of our lives today, and we might at bits, logically start to see, why there is such enormous effort taken, to continuously smirk, twist, manipulate, deceive everything that has to do with Christ? Just in a very “common sense” terms this all does not make sense.

The famous intellectual and former professor of Cambridge University, C.S. Lewis, expressed it this way:

“There is a really foolish thing that people often say about Him: ‘I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept His claim to be God’.—That is one thing that we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things that Jesus said would not be ‘a great moral teacher’. He would either be a lunatic—on a level with a man who claims he is a poached egg—or else He would be the Devil of Hell! You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God: Or else a mad man or something worse.

“You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill him as a demon; or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God. But let us not come up with any patronizing nonsense about His being a ‘great human teacher’. He has not left that option open to us, He did not intend to.”

If you really want to find out, just make yourself vulnerable to His wooing, and sincerely ask with a vulnerable heart to show you “The Truth”, and see for yourself that he is alive today.

Jesus is real and you have the choice to choose. This is why freedom of choice is such immense and enormous responsibility we ignorantly brush too habitually off.

Once you have asked all your questions, weighed all the evidence, and tested all the arguments, you will ultimately be confronted with this question. In Mathew 16:15, Jesus put it this way, ‘But who do you say that I am?’ One of His disciples, Simon Peter, replied: ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.’ What is your reply?

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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