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I was just thinking of the state I (we I guess) are in, concerning spiritual matters. Especially the New Year just starting, I am reflecting on my own life, on my feebleness, and weaknesses of my nature, as well as noticing and observing the sentiments that manifest itself around me, in seeing all kind of people, doing various kind of things. Like those I watch when waiting in the car at the local market, looking out the window of the car, seeing the pedestrians passing by, seeing the walking dead in Shopping Centers, seeing the ever growing masses with their eyes glued to smartphones, intensely following latest trends, Facebook, Twitter, LINE and Co., as if their dear life, depends on it. This obviously does not even include the array of hours spend playing video/computer games. Somehow I never really noticed the utter numbness, indifference, emotionlessness in the reflection of these engagements. It’s not my intention to judge, I do not really have clearance for that, it’s something my God has a good handle on.

The majority of folks, and please let me be explicit, I am not only talking about the masses of people engaging in the rat race, that’s one thing, but also those who claim to be Christians, are affected by it. Because of concern, I am focusing here more on like-minded brethren, so to speak. There seem to be a slumbering; being intoxicated with something that gives the illusion of the right concepts in life, not realizing how drugged our way of life actually is, that takes up our minds, thoughts, and actions, and may be very well be called our virtual reality dream. This degree of happy vanity is equally visible in every form and order of life, that does not base it’s foundations in the infinite truth. The learned and the ignorant, the rich and the poor, we all are in the same state of slumber, pursuing a short bliss in this virtual reality dream.

But why so? Because we are born with a distinct difference and that is, that we are programmed with choice. We are born into this world, primarily not for the sake of living here, not for anything this world can actually offer, but to have time and place needed to seek and find God.
To seek after God means to develop an intimate personal relationship with God.

“This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.” —John 17:3

To become either an eternal partaker of a divine life with God, or to engage in an self-governed, ignorant fatal path, because of choosing our own so called (flawed) way. Therefore, every one of us who has not His eye, His heart, and His hands, and is continually governed by Him, may justly be said to be asleep, to have no awakened sensibility of himself, and in other words being misled. Not having a clue of what desperate state I am really in, and being drawn into a life devoted to the interests and enjoyments of this world, spent and wasted in the slavery of earthly desires, may be truly called a virtual reality; as having all the shortness, vanity, and delusion of this dream.

The great difference although between virtual and real is, that when a dream is over, nothing is lost but fictions and fancies; but when this dream of life is ended, all that eternity is lost for which we were brought into being. So, in other words, the choices we make, matter, and we should soberly strife to do all we can to be serious about it, and not being abstracted in trusting our own conclusion in saying we know what we believe.

Let me give you some examples of some conflicting realities, but I caution you it might hurt. We are so “feeling” driven that is based on our virtual reality syndrome, without realizing that our feelings are not adequate to reveal reality. Perhaps for those sensitive I should clarify, that this is nothing personal that I know something you don’t know, it is neither a forum to exchange our opinions. What you and I believe is completely irrelevant if it does not match up to the infinite truth specified by God.

We somehow are made to believe that what God wants believers to be, is being physically healthy, materially wealthy, and personally happy, and live a morally correct life. Happy and a prosperous new year is written on millions of Greeting Cards. We kind of get swayed that this is what everything is all about. Christmas as we celebrate it, has nothing to do with Jesus, Jesus is not even born at Christmas. Do we ever ask ourselves if something might be wrong? Of course not, because we always celebrate Christmas, we like this emotional, cute alteration as it appears being so sweet and loving. In actuality we celebrate something very, very horrendously different. Same with Valentine’s Day, in actuality we celebrate something very, very horrendously different. I don’t really have to tell you, you can just Google it with and open heart willing to surrender wrong mindsets, into His capable hands. Are we interested to know? Not really, because we are slumbering in our virtual reality dream, and it might also suggest something has to change. Salvation, ones saved for ever saved, Jesus loves you the way you are, wrong again. Can be so easily debunked and verified, but we are feeling save in our altered belief, as we are happy, financially kind of stable, and do so many things for others.

Many of us want to believe that we will be accepted into heaven because we are basically “good people.” Let me remind us that heaven is not filled with good people, but with people who have received God’s grace, and acted upon it.

If that is one of the driving principles Jesus would promote, trust me, he would have come in such spectacular way, it would blow us away, full of riches and glamour, liquid gold, swaying mountain ranges, showing of all His earth defining infinite godly realities, so we could be captivated to follow His glorious sample.

But HE didn’t, and we should ask ourselves, WHY?

We as Christians need to realize that we will never get a clear picture of Jesus if we, don’t surrender all areas of our lives to His Spirit, allowing Him to change us to be more like him. I hope we can understand that what really matters to God is not just the outside appearance of doing good, but the inner seeking after him with all of our heart.

All of us have free access to all that is great, and good, and carry within ourselves a key (choice) to all the treasures that heaven has to bestow upon us. Instead we starve in the midst of plenty, groan under infirmities, with the remedy in our own hands. We live and die without knowing and feeling anything of the one, only good, whilst we have it in our power to know and enjoy it in as great a reality, as we know and feel the power of this world over us: for heaven is as near to our souls, as this world is to our bodies; and we are created, we are redeemed, to have our conversation in it. God, the only good of all infinite intelligence, is not an absent or distant God, something we just learn all about. To know him personally is not the same as knowing all about him. We are strangers to heaven, and without having God become present within us, we are void of that spirit of His, which alone can, and never fails to unite us with the one, only good, and to open heaven and the kingdom of God within us. By now you might see, it will cost something, to be one of His. We cannot be friend with the world, and friend with God, they just don’t match. Let us give him a chance to change us in simply submitting and yielding our life’s into His hands to remold.

A root set in the finest soil, in the best climate, and blessed with all that sun, and air, and what rain can do for it, is not in so sure a way of its growth to perfection, as every man may be, whose spirit aspires after all that, which God is readily and infinitely desirous to give us. For the sun meets not the springing bud that stretches towards her with half that certainty, as God, the source of all good, communicates himself to the soul that longs to partake of him.

It is the Holy Spirit that enables a Christian to become like Jesus Christ. As we trust in, seek, and rely on God in every aspect of our lives, the Spirit begins to change who we are. As we change, we desire to sin less and desire to serve God more, because we learn to love Him, and not because we have to, or because he demands it from us.

Peace, and God will never despise the earnest effort in seeking truth, NEVER.

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