Walking In Obedience

God cares about faithfulness and obedience. Many people want the end product to become like Christ, but they do not want the journey that leads to that. The Olympic athlete that trains for 6 to 8 hours a day for many years, for a 10 second race. It’s just inconceivable to see somebody that has gone through such discipline and training, for 10 seconds. We’ve got a life time, of pursuing one thing, we’ve got one moment coming in all of our lives that is going to take 3 to 4 seconds, when HE says well done good and faithful servant. At that moment what else is there, there is nothing else that matters. We have to live for the moments in which nothing else will matters. You have to live with that in mind, otherwise you live for another purpose, you live for another cause, you live for something that ends up in some measure that will take away from this supreme issue. The supreme issue is, that we have to give account of our life, and I can be careless today, and this is not about moral failures, stealing money, taking drugs, this is about choosing good instead of best. Just making choices out of convenience, it’s very tempting, because choices have prices, and sometimes we make a choice, that you know is the right choice, and it’s going to cost you.

It cost you losing so called friends, being perhaps slandered by others, looked down to, and the list goes on. Those kind of things are always out there just brewing, for anyone who makes a difference in the world, so when you make these choices, choosing good for best, sometimes it just cost you.

The bottom line is, when you pay a price for something, what you get from God in return makes your price look pitiful. We have to see things in perspective, and not look what price we have paid, because if we compare this to what Jesus did, it’s an embarrassing price, and see what we got in return. It’s like some high tech gadgets and trading them for diamonds. They might be our favorite gadgets, but please put it in perspective. What we got from God in return is that we got the presence of God manifested in our life, that I thought it only would be a dream. What else can a person ask for? Faithfulness and obedience is a big deal, the Lord looks for those who do just what he says. God puts us sometimes into situation so he can just bring to surface what is in the heart, so we can see for ourselves, and if it was good we carry it out, if it was defiled or compromised, he brought it to the surface so we can deal with it and walk more faithful before the Lord.

In the pursuit following the Lord, one of the easiest causes to drift away is whenever we reduce the personal relationship in our Christian life with, projects, things that have to be done, instead of hosting the presence of God. The main thing, that all that come out of us, naturally does. If I make the personal relationship with the Lord my central aim, i don’t have to think about trying to be faithful. If on the other hand look at this and that opportunity, we start making other things our goal, that’s when we start being pulled, making decisions that compromise the central theme we live with. It’s real easy to get drone off center by opportunities. On a daily basis we do not face decisions between good and evil, saving or killing let’s say, our options of decisions are more in deciding between good, better and best. It’s the things that compete and try to temper with our mind. I have to know that in my life, those things are competing within me. We have to put ourselves intentionally on Gods side, if we don’t, we automatically choose the other side. Not to make a decision is a decision in itself.

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