The whole reason of God’s purpose is to change us into the image we were meant to be in the very beginning. What we on the other hand are meant to believe nowadays, is that we in our own pointless efforts can change ourselves through our own labors. This is also why there is such an importance on yoga, meditation and so forth, because they all promote self-effort. As good as anyone might think they are, knowledgeable and being university educated will never gain them entrance into God’s Kingdom. They remain citizens of the kingdom ruled by the god of this world. God is serious that we participate in His plan by submitting to Him so we can be changed through a relationship with Him that is real, and in which He is personally involved. Again and again, you see the same problem manifesting itself again and again.

Genesis 3:3-4 but from the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden, God has said, ‘You shall not eat from it or touch it, or you will die.'” The serpent said to the woman, “You surely will not die!

Obedience vs Rebellion is and will always be the singular question we ourselves have to decide on. Our smartness, intelligence, and knowledge will try to make us believe it all is a matter of understanding, a matter of objectivity and openness. Nevertheless whatever we make ourselves believe does not really matter, if it cannot be substantiated with the standards of an omnipotent God. We have life, if we submit to His plan and surrender our inner rebellion, or otherwise we will naturally pay the consequences of our own willful ignorance. It’s not really something God can be blamed for, because we decide against better knowledge to walk our own way, which eventually will lead to a kind of view point in our life, which unexpectedly can appear after the next turn in our life, and then we will see reality for ourselves, and have to recognize whatever we made ourselves belief life is, was a lie.

You could compare it perhaps with something you did in your life, put in all your life savings in some investments, which you were made to believe will bring you gigantic profit, you become a billionaire and so forth, and yes it went very well for some time, but on the end you lost not only your investment, but also all you gained. You lost everything, and it cannot be retrieved, because the decisions you applied were flawed and defective, and you rather wanted to believe so hard, what those investors promised was true, to get rich and be eternally secured. Now this little analogy is purely affecting our physical realm, but what if this principle is true and the consequences will have far more reaching consequences, then just losing everything in the physical? And remember it’s all just because of one decision, do I do what I know is right because God says so, or do I take it on myself and find out later, it was wrong, and cannot be reversed.

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