Am I A Christian

Am I a Christian is a question that is one of immense seriousness. I think that many people who might in their normal habits of thought and ways, seem very distant from what they actually believe. Am I a Christian? It ought to be the easiest question in the world to answer. A Christian is a follower of Christ, and I’m quite sure that the early Christians, would have had no difficulty whatever in answering that question. To them it was abundantly simple. They followed a man of whom they’d known or heard at first hand, and who told them that His Kingdom was not of this world; and therefore the problem to them was an infinitely simple one. They didn’t feel bound to relate their thoughts and their conduct to the permissive morality of the Court of the Emperor Nero. That was something that had nothing whatsoever to do with them. They didn’t feel bound to associate themselves or attach themselves to political causes; they simply belonged to another world. Their cause was their love and loyalty to this Man.

Now of course today the situation is different. Two millennia have passed. Churches have come and gone, to be precise 40,000 plus. Theologies have been discussed and drafted and abandoned and re-discussed. The worst thing although is, that when someone says he believes something which in fact he doesn’t.

I was interested in the deeper analogy of the temptations in the wilderness. The first of them was the temptation to turn stones into bread. Now that would be a terrific temptation to all the MLM’s, and all the different charitable organizations, coaching industry which offers the ultimate success – to fully enjoy life. And all the different political parties and institutions dedicated to improving human conditions. The matter with us is that if we don’t understand, why Jesus rejected it, then how infinitely wise would it be, to resist that temptation! Really ponder it! But of course the temptation of offering us success, and now even following if you like a very personalized, nice, middle-class, westernized Jesus is very expedient. A Jesus who doesn’t mind materialism and who would never call me to give away everything I have. A Jesus who is fine with nominal devotion that does not infringe on my comforts, because, after all, He loves me just the way I am. A Jesus who wants me to be balanced and tolerant, and who, for that matter, wants me to remove a poverty spirit from my heart. A Jesus who integrates me into the world, makes me HAPPY and as an indicator of how dedicated I am, speaking positively declaring God’s supernatural favor over my life. A Jesus who gives ME power to heal the sick, without ever having to attached to the infinite, in dying to myself first. I live out my perverted spin of a delusional dream, encouraging people who need life spoken into them, is simply too enticing to refuse. Again, the miracle of jumping off a building and not being hurt is almost like space travel. Why not do that and dazzle mankind, so that they fall down and worship? But that too was a temptation to be resisted, are all very bad fakes and replicas. Finally, the most important of all, the temptation to take over the kingdoms of the earth.

This is what all good progressive people are always trying to do–to take over the governments and make them good. But, you see, at the same time, what an alluring and captivating thing to do, because how awful it would be if it were really possible to make human life acceptable by simply making governments good! And how absolutely essential it would be to demonstrate that merely having righteous government doesn’t in itself, constitute living righteously.

Now there is this lingering question, I still have to ask myself, Am I a Christian? The reality of Christianity, as I understand it, is that it offers man something beyond this world. It says to him that he must die in order to live, an extraordinary proposition to put before him. It tells him that he can never create peace or happiness for himself merely by perfecting his circumstances on this earth. It presents him, in other words, as a creature that inherently requires salvation. Now it seem to me that the churches and those who present the Christian religion to us, have moved entirely away from this truth, and increasingly tell us that it is possible to make terms with this world, of course only to win the lost. The problem with this is, that we have taken something solely spiritual, and trying to define a reality beyond what is perceptible to our senses and understanding.

Now what has happened? It seems to me, that those spiritual things from above we meant to inquire, have been completely ruined, and we are confronted with a sort of emptiness. Like you have a glass of pure water, and someone puts in an odorless poison, impossible for you to detect, unless, analyzed in a laboratory. The difficulty here is, that no one would go to research and to find out, because the water does not actually taste bad at all, no it even gets advertised to be full of minerals and vitamins. If someone eventually dies, it would be covered in the tracks as well, so the lies we are fed, will continue indefinitely. And I do hope you know this is happening in the world with everything perceivable. We have everything that we want materially, and it ought to make us happy, but for some reason it doesn’t. It should be the case that the places where all these material things are most available, and where the pursuit of happiness (that absurd and ironical phrase) is most enthusiastically undertaken, should also be the places where human beings are most happy and most positive and most zealous in their lives; and in fact it’s not so.

This is our golden calf, and year by year it must get bigger. In order that it’s getting bigger, people must constantly consume more and want more, so that we must dedicate some of our most brilliant talents and a huge proportion of our wealth to making them want what they don’t want. At the same time, while this is going on in one part of the world, in another part of the world people are getting poorer and poorer and hungrier and hungrier.

When you think that approx.70 million automobiles were sold last year and that they must persuade 75 million people the next year to want a new car, in order for  this outrages system to survive. This is a completely crazy situation. We are manipulated to believe that all the material wants is what makes us serene and happy. This is only about cars, but extend this thought and realize, that this is in ALL THINGS. Material consumption is the meaning of life, and while pursuing this dream you will be “encouraged” to be successful and happy, so many others will follow this trend. And no-one will ever realize that it produces in them a sense of totally being lost, bewildered and spiritual useless and void. It seems to me absolutely clear, that the need to recover a sense of what those early Christians had, is undeniably critical. The idea that human beings can achieve fulfillment on earth by satisfying their fleshly appetites and their egotistic impulses is simply a cunningly wrapped up lie. If we are Christians, why are we clinging on to the things we know we shouldn’t? I guess each one has to answer this questions for himself, but do know that there will come a time when “I was full of good intentions” is not cutting it anymore.

It’s a perfectly simple choice, but we would have to be willing to see the danger state we are actually in, and must be willing to listen seriously to the words of Jesus.

I see a world which is sailing under completely false colors and the immense marketing and advertising apparatus generating a delusional reality which we completely absorb, and which actually integrates so much that it becomes our visual reality. Visual does certainly sounds better than delusional, but nevertheless, it’s real. The only conceivable alternative to this worldly view of life is to get desperate and let God work in our lives. We’ve got hopelessly caught up with this lies, and would do good, to reconsider and earnestly call for HELP. Because we are tricked into a redefined Christianity, which promises cannot be supported by truth. We are given in to the dangerous temptation to take the Jesus of the Bible and twist him into a version of Jesus we are more comfortable with.

We have to get back of what Christian religion originally taught, so it remains true that men can’t live by bread alone, that men have to die in the flesh to be reborn in the Spirit. Men are not creatures of production whose existence can be measured by what they can produce or by what they can learn.

I realized I needed to return with urgency to a biblical gospel, because the cost of not doing so is huge. In life, one must eventually choose what he holds to be the standard for what is and what is not truth when it comes to the things of God. Everyone eventually makes a choice. Choose wisely.

Jesus viewed holding traditions, and holding earthly worldviews above God’s View as a serious offense, a matter of honoring God with the lips while the heart is far from Him. When the commandments of men are taught for doctrine, the “worship” of God is in vain.

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