Once upon a time there was a tiny little seed planted in the ground. It was an acorn. After a while it shed its little overcoat and cuddled away in the arms of mother nature, so that it might be fed and grow. All though the long winter night she kept that little seed warm; and when the springtime sun came out, its little acorn heart burst open with joy and delight. It started to grow. Then a man came along and put a big heavy rock over the little seed. It commenced to worry and to fret for fear it would never be able to raise its little head to where it could see the light of day. It wanted to wear a garland of leaves for its hair, and to grow to be beautiful and strong.

One day its feeble hands touched the rock. They were such tiny, tender, little hands. The little growing tree felt so helpless. It did not struggle or try to move the rock which was the enemy of its heart and life. It just grew. One day the rock was lifted. It was pushed out of the way; and the little leafy hands clapped for joy. Who lifted the rock? The seed? No! It was something within the seed which no man in the world has ever been able to reproduce. It was God’s power that pushed over that rock.

We are this little seed. I see through my struggles every day that I can grow into something noble and beautiful for God. The power of faith can be manifested in our life until men and angels will wonder. However, when the battle is over and the victory has been won, do not say, “Look at what I have done through the Lord,” but rather kneel at the foot of the cross and say, “Is it not wonderful that His grace and His faith should be manifested in me!”

How many times in life we see the tragedy of the collapse of the Christian who has to be brought low in order that he might once again recognize his true position in the grace of God.

At the disposal of the consecrated child of God there has been placed the resources of that strength which God alone can provide. It is the recognition of the miracle of that vital contact, with its illimitable possibilities, that means victory over sin and self as we travel along the homeward trail.

As unfailing as the law of the seed-time and the harvest; as irrevocable as the marching of the days and nights in their order is the great truth that God is always ready to meet our every need, if only we are ready to receive.

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