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Knowing Jesus Or Knowing About Jesus—what’s The Difference?

Knowing Jesus or Knowing about Jesus—what’s the Difference?

The only reason I bring this subject up is, because in my journey to rediscover truth, I did find not…

Truth Designed To Protect Us

Truth Designed to Protect Us

It is the belief of all who rely on the truth of the Bible, that the Savior gave his life…

Walking With Christ

Walking with Christ

It might be all different, than what we heard, learned and processed being a follower of Jesus. To start, we…

The Deeper Insight Of Prayer And Fasting

The Deeper Insight of Prayer and Fasting

I got reminded of something I frequently did when I was young, and that was fasting. It seems to be…

Choices Which Influence Our Life

Choices which influence our Life

We are on a daily basis confronted with an array of atrocities that take place in any given part of…

Is Truth Exchangeable?

Is Truth exchangeable?

Thoughts and impressions on the newly acclaimed movie “The Shack” and other distressing occurrences which are disguised as being something,…

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